Thursday, March 19, 2009

wbboei: Two lost speeches

I had coffee this morning with the Arbitrator. He reported something which I believe is a Guiness Book first.

When the telebambi got the Irish Officials speech and his own mixed up–an easy thing to do when you don t know what is in them because someone else writes them for you, Morris gave the following counter-example:

When Bill Clinton was president, and gave his State of the Union address, someone failed to put the right script in front of him, he delivered the speech brilliantly and without a hitch. 

The reason for Bills success and Bambis failure is crystal clear: Bill wrote his own speeches, which means they were his thoughts, his words, and he did not need a script.

With Bambi however it is different. He does not write his own speeches, so what he says is not his thoughts or his words. Rather, his speeches are based on the wit and wisdom of the Little Groper whose sobriety, self restraint and wisdom are a matter of record.

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