Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jake Tapper - Gibbs Spouts Off Again

Gas taxes have long funded federal highway and bridge construction projects, but as gas mileage improves, transportation experts say a new revenue stream is needed. Policymakers in various states have been moving in the direction of a tax based on miles traveled rather than gallons purchased. [....]

"Has the President weighed in on this?" a reporter asked [ Gibbs, Obama's press secretary ].

"I don't believe the President has," Gibbs said. "I can weigh in on it and say that it is not and will not be the policy of the Obama administration." [....]

In an interview with Congressional Quarterly, Oberstar said that LaHood "had the temerity to think...and what did he get? Slapped down. He's a good man. A decent man. Don't let him get slapped down by know-nothings."

Oberstar then suggested that Gibbs ought to stay out of the conversation on transportation policy.

"I've got news for you," Oberstar said, "transportation policy isn't going to be written in the press room of the White House."

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